Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toddler Bed Transition - Bye Bye Week 2 & Hello Week 3

We are beginning week 3 of the "big boy bed" transition & B is doing amazingly well.  He is going to bed between 8 & 9 (we are kind of letting him tell us when he is ready) & once he is in there he will get up 1-3 times.  Usually he will just walk over to the door & try to open it (child proofed of course) & then once he is done trying he will walk back over & get back into bed.  He does play for a while in there but then eventually falls asleep.  In the beginning I thought that we were going to have some issues because his video monitor only focused on his bed & I was worried about what he was doing out of the sight of it but then we upgraded his monitior to one that can scan the whole room with the touch of a button I felt better & was able to relax a bit more.

We have always had a video monitor set up in B's room but we upgraded to the Summer Baby Touch  after the 1st week so that I could follow him around his room when he was getting out of his bed.  When we 1st made the switch to the toddler bed I was sitting in his room with him (beside his bed) until he would fall asleep but saw that that wasn't going to be a good thing once Colton was here & needed attention as well.  Since Lance works such long hours I was wondering how I was going to get B down if the baby was awake & getting quite nervous about it so we talked about a few options & decided to move the monitor that B had to Colton's room, return the one we had already purchased for Colton's room & get the one that had the mobile camera so that I could keep an eye on Brayden until he was asleep each nap & bedtime.

B has always done well at bed time & has always been able to sooth himself to sleep; he has never been much of a crier at nap or bedtime & we actually found that he liked to play around in his crib a while before bed & slept better when he did.  One of the main concerns that we had was his safety (even though a room is child proofed I still see all of the what if's) & we of course didn't want him out of his bed playing with his toys in his room once he was able to get in & out anytime he wanted to so switching up the monitor seemed like the best solution.  I will go into his room when/if he gets out of bed & starts playing & tell him "it's night-night time" & he will dart back into bed & close his eyes like he is sleeping.  It is really cute when he does it because it's like he knows to pretend to be asleep so I'll leave his room & sometimes he will get out again & sometimes he will just sit up or roll around playing.

I will admit that there have been some not so good days/nights & yesterday's nap was the worst so far; he just wouldn't go down or stay in his bed AT ALL!!  He was up so I was in there every other minute getting him back in bed.  Finally Lance came home for lunch & tried to help but we ended up just letting him get up.  I don't know if it was the right thing to do but after an hour & a half I figured he wasn't going to nap right then & there & just had to make myself OK with that fact.  Lance went back to work & B & I ran to Target to get a few things & he of course fell asleep in the car on the way home & ended up napping in bed for about an hour so that wasn't too bad.  I thought that it would throw his whole night time schedule off but he was ready for bed & out by 8:30 with no issues at all.  Actually, I didn't have to go in his room once last night so that was nice.  I pray that naps like yesterday are few & far between but then again it has only been a few weeks so I say he is doing really well & rocking the big boy bed!!