Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Happy This Week Is Over!!

I have had quite a week (again) & actually don't think that it is fair that I have had so much bad luck these past few months; I would like to share my bad luck with anyone willing to have some!!

Monday I got stung by a bee/wasp or bite by a spider on my middle finger; we were playing outside which means we were playing in the backyard then going through the gate & running around the front yard & pulling out all B's toys from the garage too & when I grabbed the gate to open it I think I heard a "buzzzzz" & felt the sting of a bee but was so concerned about B getting stunk that I never looked to make sure what got me.  I thought nothing  much of it, put some ice on it & we went on playing.

That evening when Lance got home from work I told him about it, he looked at it & said it looks swollen so make sure to ice it again when I got up Tuesday & that was that.  Tuesday we ran errands while B was a school & the darn thing itched like crazy & was a tad bit red but it was a bee sting so to me that was normal.  What wasn't normal was when I woke up at midnight from a dead sleep because the itching was out of control; not to mention the fact that my finger was so swollen by this point I couldn't even bend it.  I woke Lance up to see what he thought (I should have done it differently because he thought the baby was coming & jumped up in a panic) & he thought it looked really bad & that I should head to the I did!

I got there at 12:45am & got home at 4:15am; somehow what ever got my finger caused a pretty serious infection pretty quickly & they had to give me antibiotics to help.  I hate taking anything while pregnant but of course took this since I didn't want to lose my finger!!  I decided to stay up & not lay back down since I had no idea what time little butt would be waking up that morning.  On top of the fact that I wanted to cut my finger off our little guy got his crib converted to a toddler bed because he was escaping & we were fearful that he would hurt himself while getting out of it.

We actually bought a side rail from Babies R Us for it & decided to use that as well as the top rail from his crib for the time being.  When we just put the side rail on it he would get in & go crazy jumping in his bed & we were fearful that he would fall over the side rail so we put the top bar back on it in the hopes that it would catch him if he did jump & it would also slow him down from getting in & out of bed.  Amazingly enough he isn't doing too bad with the transition & it only takes about 30 minutes to get him down each nap & night......with the exception of last night.  Last night he was in & out & up & down for almost a full hour BUT it is all new to him & these nights are going to happen!!

We made this change on Tuesday before so this was before my visit to the ER Wednesday morning & also before my return visit to the doctor on Thursday because I had an allergic reaction to the medicine as well!!  I woke up Thursday morning & felt a tad off but I just look at my swollen face in the mirror & thought "damn you look tired" & jumped in the shower.  Everything was OK until my belly & thighs were hit by the water & when that happened I thought the water coming out of the shower head was acid.  I looked down & almost had a heart attack because my big ol pregnant belly & down to my thighs was beet red & covered in bumps; couldn't the rash be somewhere else??  Why did it have to be where the baby is??  Why did I have to all of a sudden have an allergic reaction to an antibiotic when I have never had an issue in my whole 34 years of life??  Why, why, why??

I quickly finish in the shower & again freak Lance out when I wake him up & then we both have a tiny panic attack as I call my insurance advice nurse for the next step.  I was ready to jump in the car wet hair & all & head back to the ER but Lance said to wait since the baby was moving & everything seemed normal except for the fact my mid section was on fire, itchy & red.  I already had my OB appt. that morning so they told me to go to that appt. & then head to the adult medicine part of the building for a 2nd appt. to get my ugly rash having skin looked at (one of the up sides to Kaiser is everything is in one building).

The baby is of course fine & I am on the mend now too; both my finger & the rash are getting better slowly & will hopefully be completely gone all together in the next few days.  I am exhausted both physically & mentally & really just want the next 3 weeks of this pregnancy to go with out another issue; I am really hoping that this little guy decides to come all on his own sooner rather than later but my body is giving me the same signals that it did with Brayden which is I am in for another induction so just be patient!!  Either way as long as Colton is healthy I am happy.........BUT PLEASE no more trips to the ER, bug bites, infections, rashes, & PLEASE let B get the hang of his "big boy bed" by the time Colton does arrive just for a tad bit of peace of mind!!