Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Bath Time Friend.......

Brayden has ALWAYS loved bath time & has actually been getting really curious about our shower; he wants to get in it every time Lance turns it on in the mornings & see what it is all about so we saw this little guy & had to get it for his bath.

He now has his own mini shower & although he doesn't want to get too close to it he seems to love it when I turn it on.  He is a bit apprehensive & won't stand up & put himself in it or anything yet but I can see that he wants too.

For now it is a lot of feet & hands just playing in the flowing water.

I thought bath time couldn't be any more fun for him but I was wrong; he would play in there for hours if I let him.  He already stays in there long enough to turn himself into a prune!!