Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daddy's Little Helper

Brayden loves to help when ever he sees daddy pulling out his tools & it is so cute to watch his little face light up when Lance lets him be a part of whatever project he is working on at that moment.  The other day it was putting together a swing & rocker thingy for Colton & B was ready & willing to help with anything daddy needed!

He made sure daddy got all of the pieces out of the box.

He helped tighten the screws.

He cheered his daddy on when he finished a portion of it with success. 

He laughed. 

He cheered some more.

He tested it to make sure that daddy put it together right & made sure Colton wouldn't get hurt.

But mainly Lance enjoyed the time spent with his son doing a project together!!

These moments are priceless, special & we will cherish each & every one of them as they happen.