Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 Month Stats & A Little Bit Of This & That......

This beautiful handsome little boy had his 9 month birthday on Monday
& we had his 9 month check up yesterday.......
Weight - 19.6 lbs
Height - 28.25 inches
Happy - All the Time
Crawling - Almost (finds a way to get where he needs to go though)
Pulling Up - Trying to on Everything
Eats - Everything (except green beans still) & we are trying fish this weekend
Has Mastered - His Pincher Pick Up
Talking - No Actual Words YET but he is a very vocal little man
Curious - About Everything (see)
Walking - All Over the Place (with our help of course)
Teeth - both bottom are in & we think #3 is about to start
working it's way through up top
STTN - sometimes YES & sometimes NO (but each day it gets better & better)

As Brayden gets older Lance & I continue to feel more & more blessed to be his parents; he already lights a room up where ever we go.  His smile is so sweet & warm & he just loves everyone he meets.  Brayden already seems to have a heart of gold & he defiantly is a joy for Lance & I to be with every day.  
Our little boy is so loved so much!!

These are from last weekend.......
Pitching a fit w/PaPa & JuJu because.......
All he wants to do is walk!!!
 & this is Brayden with his Grandpa & MiMi

In other news I finally stepped on the scale again after a month & I only have a half a pound to go to hit my pre-pregnancy weight; it only took 9 months to get this close but these damn last 2 pounds have been a bear to lose.......Can I get a WooHoo!!!

And in even bigger other mom, dad, & sister get here on Sunday & we are all so excited to see them.  I am super excited that I will get to see my mom on Mother's Day & Brayden is SUPER DUPER excited to see them all; especially his Puddy (my dad) since he didn't get to make the trip here last time!!