Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Review........

My weekend actually started on Friday so I had 4 nice long days away & they were wonderful & crazy!!  I have to start by saying B cut 3.....that's right 3 top teeth last week so when they ALL finally broke through we all got some much needed sleep Thursday night!!

Took B to school for a few hours (6:30am - 10:30am) so that I could give the house a much needed cleaning & Lance could get some of the new window treatments hung; this house is bigger than our last & I needed a few more hours but we left picked up B & went to lunch with JuJu & PaPa anyway.  It is crazy that they say how much he has changed each time they see him; I know that I am with him everyday & see changes so I can't imagine what they see each time they look at him.  After lunch Lance, B & I ran some errands & then were were home for the night!

Lance had to work (booooo) so my girlfriend came over in the afternoon so that we could work on her wedding invites; I can't wait for her wedding on September 10th.  Their wedding date is their 5 year anniversary & I think that is the neatest thing!!  That night we had our friends Megs & Justin over for dinner & I don't want to toot my own horn but I made the best salmon I have ever made in my life & it was a very simple recipe.

4 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1/3 cup bourbon
4 6oz. salmon fillets

melt the butter & add the brown sugar; bring to a simmer boil
add the salmon fillets skin up & cook for 5 minutes
flip salmon fillets
add the bourbon AROUND the salmon & cook until the salmon is flaky

We served it with salad, steamed broccoli, & twice baked potatoes & it was DELICIOUS!!!

JuJu watched Brayden while we attempted the lake again but again we had boat issues; this time though we decided to have someone on the lake look at the boat & after $100 an hour they found nothing wrong so our boat that has an engine on it that has less than 10.5 hours on it has to be brought back to where we purchased it & they will fix it our replace it for sure!!!! We made the best of the day & actually even had a good time where we were while the guy was working on the boat!!

I have spend the day with Brayden while Lance worked & I had a wonderful time being home with him....just the 2 of us but he had on heck of a rough day!  I can't believe it but I think the is getting another tooth in so he was in a good mood all day just kind of fussy here & there.  He wanted me to hold him but then he would push away from me, he wanted to crawl but then he would put his head down on the carpet, he loves to crawl on the hardwoods but today his hand slipped out from under him & he hit his little chubby cheek on the floor & lost it; he wanted to eat but would fuss the whole was so sad that my little man had a bad day but I enjoyed all the love I got from him & got to give him!!!!  B & I actually haven't had a day to ourselves in quite a while & it was really nice to just devote all my time & energy to my little man........I am really going to hate going back to work tomorrow!!