Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Review......

We had such a great weekend but I am beat!!  Saturday I spent the whole day out with B & his JuJu buying window treatments for all the rooms & doors in the house that still needed them & let me just say that my little man did great!!  He was a trooper all day & was in the best mood which was a good thing because were we out shopping from 9:30-3:30; we did stop for lunch in there & HOLY COW the new dish at Olive Garden is AMAZING!!  We got home rested a bit & then PaPa came over & JuJu & I ran out to one more place while B & PaPa spent some quality time together!  JuJu stayed the night so that we could get up to the boat early Sunday morning............

"They" (whom ever they are) say that the 2 happiest days of being boat owner are the day you buy it & the day you sell it & after Sunday "they" might be right!!  It never fails that the first day on the lake everything goes wrong & this Sunday was no different.
Lance wanted to go up Saturday night & bring the boat to the house so that we could clean it & check it out there but I didn't want it sitting in the street all night so I convinced him that we would just go up really early & get everything done........he was worried about the battery but I told him "we have the jump box baby we will be fine".  Well we got the boat cleaned, we checked & made sure that there was power by turning on the radio & there was we then backed her up into the water & NOTHING the battery was so dead hat the jump box wouldn't even get it to turn over so we Lance & Marcus had to pull the boat the rest of the way off the trailer & pull it with a rope over to the dock so that Lance could then run to the damn store to get another battery........he did that got back & we were off & trying to shake off the bad vibe of the morning!
The guys did that by drinking a beer & us girls had a mimosa.........you might be thinking it is pretty early for drinking but things are different on the lake I promise you :)  We went over near a cove....."Cocktail Cove" & just floated, relaxed & hung out while we waited for some more friends to get there & when they finally did we went to start the boat to go meet them & nothing happened.  The boat was trying to start but it just wouldn't; we knew it wasn't the battery so what could it be this time you might ask????  It was the gas that we left sitting in the boat all winter; it had gone bad (which I didn't really know could even happen!!)

We finally get the boat to start & we sputter our way over to a gas dock to fill it up & pray that they have a much needed gas additive so that we can get this issue resolved but they only had gas no additive but the guy at the dock told us to just drive around for a while to get it filtered out & we should be fine so we go over to where our friends are (still sputtering the whole way) & just decide to turn it off & try to enjoy the beautiful day & we just prayed that she would start again when we needed her too.

Meghan & Justin
Marcus & Kristin
Like I said we prayed that the boat would start & it finally did...... but getting it back onto the trailer was kind of a struggle.  We got it done though & over all I would say the day was laughable but how can I really complain about being in the sun, on the water, & with good friends???  I am happy that B wasn't there to see the debacle that day but Lance is going to get the boat fixed this week & ready for his boating debut next Sunday or Monday!!

Song of the Day........Our Lake Song!!  Rodney Atkins - These Are My People