Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Review.......

Lance & I both took Thursday & Friday off to spend with my family last week & I don't know why but we always seem to do so much when they are here that when they leave we are all exhausted.  Don't get me wrong we had a blast but when I am falling asleep on the sofa & 7:30pm on a Sunday night you know I am exhausted.

Lance, Brayden & Puddy took Puddy's truck to Ford to see PaPa & JuJu (Lance's mom & dad) & also to get a part for my dad's truck since on the way here his cruise control went out & it HAD to be fixed before the trip home so my mom, sis & I just went out & about shopping for a while until they got home & then they had to run to Brandsmart to return the fridge we purchased the weekend before for a different (it did match the stainless steel appliances we already had because it had a nickle coating on it).  They got the fridge home & then ran back out to get pine straw for the front yard.  After a long day we made shrimp, chicken & steak kabobs & enjoyed a yummy dinner, watched Avatar & just relaxed the rest of the night.

Lance & my dad were off to Home Depot again to get some plants for the yard & they worked in the yard a good bit of the day while we played inside; they also put my beautiful mother's day gift from my mom & dad in the front yard for me!!  Brayden had his 1st accident that afternoon; he got a pretty bad bump on his head BUT was just fine!!  We decided not to cook that night since it was such a long day so we headed out to On the Border for dinner & it was GOOD!!!

 We had a yard sale; we had a good bit to sale because of the move & the fact that I have changed the room decor a good bit.  We did really well & only had one box of stuff left over so Lance took everything to Goodwill & then went to buy a table & chairs for the front porch while Mom, Mandie, Brayden & I went to his school 1st Festival..........it was hot & he couldn't do much at all anything so we didn't stay long at all. 
We did stay long enough for me to bid on a big bouncy blow up thing for B's 1st Birthday party; we planned on getting one for the older kids & maybe B too depending & would love to win it in the silent auction & save that money for other birthday necessities!!  We ordered yummy Chinese for dinner & then watched "The Edge of Darkness".

The past few days have started pretty early & Sunday morning was no different; Brayden has decided that 4am is the time that he wants to be up & out of bed now so we are working on changing that ASAP!!  But we got up & played & ate & tried to spend as much time as we could with my parents before they left at 8am.  Brayden was asleep so he didn't get to say bye BUT I know that he was sad when he woke up & they were gone!!  Lance's parents came over to visit later that morning & then Lance & I went out for lunch just the 2 of us; it was so nice to just sit & talk with my amazing husband for a little while.

Throughout the whole week my parents watched Brayden his crawling became a non-stop occurrence & he is now pulling up on anything & everything not to mention he lets go & stands all by himself for up to 10 seconds at a time. I feel like my little baby is disappearing & taking his place is a little boy; as much as I love to watch him grow & change I am sad to see my baby disappearing right before my eyes!