Friday, May 7, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday.........A Day Late!!

I scheduled this to post yesterday but as you can see that did not happen so it is a day late!!

I am always thankful for so many things but when it comes posting time I forget everything
 so I started writting things down & holy cow you should see the piece of paper that I write on;
there are so many things on it & that is what I am MOST thankful for........

11.   To feel so blessed each & every day
12.   I am thankful that we have 2 of the most wonderful furbabies in the world & that they love Brayden too
13.   I am VERY thankful for quite dinners at home with Lance - last night was great baby!!
14.   I am thankful for morning where I feel like I am the best wife & mother & nothing has gone wrong.....PERFECTION!!
15.   I am thankful for this little boy letting his mommy take a TON of pictures of him ALL THE TIME!
16.   My parents are making the trip here from VA this weekend & I will get to spend my 1st Mother's Day with my mother.....couldn't ask for a better present!!
17.  For long walks with the family........
18.  For Gerber Apple-Prune Juice & the fact that it helps Brayden so much with his belly issues
19.   For Waffles & Peanut version of the Breakfast of Champions
20.  For Blinds in our house; without which I would still be blinded by the sunshine everyday :)

What Are You Thankful For???

Song of the Day:  Hoobastank - Running Away