Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How I Stay Organized.......

Yesterday I was sweetly asked by Rachel over at Happenings of the Harvey's how I stay organized & get so much accomplished in my day to day life & my answer to her was making & completing list after list after list that I create day in & day out.  But honestly I thought about it last night & most days I feel like the most unorganized person to walk the face of the earth!!

I have found that after having Brayden my "pregnancy brain"/memory loss did not go away; I actually think that my once sharp mind has become mush when it comes to remembering things.  Whether it be something that we need for the house, things that need to be done at work that aren't in my normal day to day or just in general things that I need to do I can't seem to keep up with all of it in my head!  As I look at my desk right now I have 6 post it notes on it already today; 1 for a job related thing I need to do, 1 for what I need to get at JCPenny's when I go after B's appointment this afternoon, 1 with questions for the doctor at B's appointment, 1 with future blogs I want to post, 1 with things I am thankful for (for tomorrow's Thankful on a Thursday post) & 1 with my list of to do's for today while at work......I made this one yesterday before I left just in case!  I know myself very well & know that when I forget something or drop the ball I tend to be really hard on myself & hate that feeling so I make lists & try to avoid this at all costs!

The bad thing is that not only do I make lists for myself but I make them for Lance too.........THANK GOD Lance understands my personality & perfectionist ways & loves me anyway because otherwise I think I would drive him crazy & our marriage would surely end in divorce (just kidding......maybe).  I try not to be too controlling & up his butt about things but it seems like we are always on the go or with the new house there is always so much to do & since the hours that we both work are so different & I generally don't see Lance until 8:30-9 at night & by then I am completely fried I think it is better to make him a list for the next few days & spend the time we have together talking about other stuff or doing other things!!

I have to admit when Brayden was born I was so stress because of this; MY issues with control, schedules, & organization would take over my whole day & I would get so frustrated by the end of every day because not only did I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished but I felt like in trying to get things done I missed out on time with Brayden & was a vicious cycle that I had to break & did around the time I was heading back to work.  I had to come to terms & accept the fact that I couldn't be 100% organized & the house couldn't & wouldn't be spotless all of the time or for that fact ever again & that was HARD for this new mom to do but happily I have done it & chilled out a good bit (not completely but a little bit goes a long way right?) & now I enjoy every minute I can & have with Brayden & Lance BUT when Brayden goes down for the night or if I can't sleep & get up early in the morning the old crazy woman I used to be completely comes out & things that need to get accomplished get accomplished!

I know to some of you I may sound like a mad woman & you don't understand my need for order & organization in my life (a lot of people don't) but I am fine with that; I have always been this way & don't see it ever completely changing.  As long as Lance & Brayden understand that their wife/mother is a bit wacky & they still love me then I am good to go!!  I try everyday to be the best wife, mother, employee, friend, daughter & person & that is all I can do!!

Song Of The Day: Lee Brice - Love Like Crazy