Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday.......

I started this blog when I was pregnant as more of a way to keep a log of everything that was happening in our lives & so that I could always look back at it & remember but I have grown to really enjoy writing my blogs & have really enjoyed getting to know & read about all of you as well.  However, I have to say that I am sometimes very shocked when I read a blog where someone has put themselves out there & then see some of the rude comments that are left for that person!  I know that we are all putting ourselves out there for the world to see & read about but since when is it alright to judge someone just because they are not how you are or how you think they should be?  Who are any of us to judge or cast a stone at anyone else??  Blogging is a release & way to even vent sometimes for me so if you don't like what I have to say then move on but don't judge because.........

21.  I am thankful for who & how I am because whether I am being controlling, loving, having an OCD moment, moody, bitchy, uplifting, caring, happy, sad, quite, talkative.......I am who I am & that is good enough for me!

22.   All your thoughts & prayers for my don't know me but yet you are here for me so THANK YOU; it means more to me than you can know!

23.   Southern Charm & Etiquette - I volunteered at B's school last Friday; it was teacher appreciation week & they were having a luncheon for all the teachers so needed parents to sit in the classes while they enjoyed themselves & I was happy to do it!!  I pick B up from school yesterday & what do I find in his diaper bag when I get home??  A wonderful Thank You note from Mrs. Courtney thanking me for my warmed my heart!!

24.   Sweet Furbabies
Bella Bear Goodson
Georgia Love Goodson

25.   Chubby Cheeks

26.   That I get to see Brayden change & grow on a day to day basis

27.  The Goddard School

28.   Rock Star Pajamas

29.   STTN - every once & a's like he knows right when I need it the most
30.  Little Boy Pumas - We are a Puma wearing family & these are the latest & greatest addition to his closet.  Please note that at this rate he will have more shoes than his momma!

31.   The bond between a father & son

32.  My ever growing Faith in God
33. That Lance let me get new furniture for our living room & that included this very girlie chair

34. For my best friend in the whole world.........other than Lance that is!

What are you thankful for today??