Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prayers Please.......

I have struggled about posting about this because I tend to hold stuff that makes me really get emotional inside, bound up tightly so no one sees me upset. My sister had a brain tumor & went through & is still going through a very long remission process & now my uncle is having to go through I think his 3rd surgery for his cancer & I am just going to ask that everyone say a little prayer for them both.

My sister is in remission but the radiation, chemo, removal surgery & the brain tumor itself took it's toll on her; I love her with all my heart & pray that she stays in remission for ever but I guess my biggest fear is that she won't & we will lose her before she gets old & gray!!

My Uncle (my mom's sister's husband) has been battling cancer for a while now & just last week went through a very long surgery & chemo procedure.  The Cytoreduction (Debulking) Surgery takes about 12 hours to preform & is done to remove the "bulk" of the tumors.  While the surgery was being preformed they also preformed Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) which is supposed to take care of all of the smaller tumors that can't be seen just by looking.  This a a sentence from the website link.......doesn't it sound pleasant?

 A slang phrase used for this combination debulking surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapy treatment is "shake and bake"; "shake" referring to the swishing around of the chemotherapy solution in the abdomen while in surgery and "bake" referring to the higher temperature of the chemotherapy solution. 

My uncle is doing well & hopefully will be getting all the tubes removed today but if you could please take a moment & say a prayer for him & my sister as well I would appreciate it.