Monday, February 7, 2011

B is 18 Months Old

I know I say this every month but, where has my baby boy gone & why does he have to grow up so fast?  You always hear people say that kids grow up before you know it but I thought that by being home with B & not missing a day of his life it would maybe make this statement not so true in our case but it seems that no matter what I do my baby is growing up before my eyes & turning into a little guy with his very own personality, attitude, smile, smirk, giggles, sense of humor, & all in all just becoming his own little person!  It is so amazing that I get to bear witness to all of this but it is so sad sometimes to actually see it happening before my very own eyes.

We went to the doctor on Friday for his 18 month check up so here are his stats:

Head:  18.75 (50%)
Height: 34.5 (95%)
Weight:  almost 25 lbs. (25%-50%)

I guess that he really is going to take after his momma & be a tall & skinny kid; I hope that he isn't as skinny as I was when I was a kid because I think that being "lanky & chicken legged" is different when you are a girl than when you are a boy (wouldn't it be nice to still have the metabolism I had when I was a kid).  We only had on concern at to talk to the doctor about & I did talk to the doctor about B being pigeon toed.  My concern was that his feet were getting tangled together when he was walking & running & the fact that to me it seemed like he was over compensating to avoid this from happening made me worry.  The doctor watched him walk & run & said that he is actually knock kneed & that he will grow out of it but they will look at him again at his 24 month visit (by the way this is only 6 months away & I need to start thinking b-day party since it will most likely take a bit longer to plan this year with a new little guy in the house!!)

Brayden loves to give 5 to anyone who asks & will come running from across the room if you say 
"Brayden give me 5".

He loves to play hide & seek & his best hiding spot is behind the curtains in the dining room!

He loves to dance & clap along to any & all music that he might hear. 

He might be kind of a TV addict but I swear that we don't let him watch it all day everyday; his favorite show is still the Imagination Movers.  We were so excited to here that they were going on tour & then so bummed when we found out that they were coming here.  They closest they are coming is SC & it is right around when I am due so we won't be able to make the trip; I think that he would have really enjoyed seeing them.

He is a happy go lucky "little man" 95% of the time & we feel very blessed by this fact.  Lately his nightly sleep has been very effected by teething & we are hoping & praying that he will have some relief very soon.  I have said it before but will say it again; teething is the worst thing & I hate that there is nothing that I can do to help him with the pain & discomfort is causes!!

His vocabulary is growing & he is slowing speaking more words & less gibberish.  I actually thing it is hilarious that he has his own little language & crack up when he gets really excited about something & he just babbles on & on about what ever.  He loves to tell anyone & everyone "hi" & 'bye-bye" & actually uses it to flirt with the ladies already too. Unfortunately his new favorite word is "no-no"; his favorite time to use it is when I ask if if he pooped or needs a new diaper.  He will say "no-no" & run from me almost every time!!

He is getting very good at pointing when you ask him where things are like his nose, ears, & especially tummy.  He know exactly where his belly button is (& momma's too) & will show it to you just about anywhere we might be.

He brushes his teeth about 5 times a day & we have gotten to the point where we have to close his bathroom door in the middle of the day for a break from it.  He is becoming a pro at going up & down our stairs & we get a good amount of exercise doing this each & everyday.

He has an amazingly big appetite & I can't imagine feeding 2 boys through their pre-teen & teen years!!  He is on the go all day everyday & I can't wait to spring to get here because he is an outside lover for sure.  He loves books & will sit & "read" them forever.  He doesn't really sit much or with us unless we are reading him a book or until the evenings & he is getting sleepy & I love evening cuddle time.  He gives the best hugs & pats on the back when he is hugging someone.  We are still trying to figure out when we are going to take away his pacifier at nap & "ni-ni" time; we were going to do it about a month ago but his sleep became so horrible at night that I didn't want to make it even worse.  It looks like it is slowly getting better so maybe within the next month it will go bye-bye.

He is an amazing "little man" & is going to be an amazing little brother.