Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Sunday.........

I was so happy when I checked the weather forecast for Sunday because it said that it was finally going to be nice enough to take B to the park that afternoon.  It has either been too cold or raining for what seems like ever that I think I just wanted to get out & play in the nice weather myself.

Lance had some errands & things to take care of that morning so B & I spent the morning in our pj's (which I always enjoy) & then we had plans to go to the park, dinner with JuJu & PaPa & then to a friends house to watch Superbowl.

The park was amazing & B hadn't been in so long that he played forever; I think we were there for almost 2 hours just running around.

He loved this little car. 

& we ran into a little boy from his daycare class. 

The slide is always a big hit............ 

He carried this balloon around almost the whole entire time we were there.  He got it the Friday before & it was in my car still & when he say it & said "ba-oon" I of course gave it to him thinking he would just play with it for a second but I was of course wrong. 

He loved daddy bouncing him on the bridge............. 

& played with a little girl on the see-saw.......... 

then back to the bridge............. 

When we finally left we thought that it would be a good time to go eat since he had played so hard & he might actually sit, color & eat for a little while..........we were wrong he seemed to actually have more energy than normal.

I really had no interest in the Superbowl this year since my Giants didn't make it, Lance's Colt's didn't make it, my dad's Bears didn't even make it (but they got further than we did) & the Falcon's didn't even make it.  I was as always looking forward to the commericals & half time show but the game I could have cared less about.  It was nice to see our friends Meg's & Justin; they are due February 26th & we are so excited to meet little Jones!!

We of course couldn't stay to long because little guy had such a big day that he was ready for bath & bed around 7:30 so we headed home then.  We got to spend a few hours with our friends & they will of course understand a little one ruling the roost in only a few weeks time.

We of course took B's DVD player so that he would be entertained for as long as possible with the Imagination Movers.

They have 2 Boston Terrier's; Rudy & Sooie & B LOVED them. 

It was a great way to end the weekend & get ready for another busy week.  Hope you all had a great weekend & congrats to any Green Bay fans out there on the win.