Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boy Will Be Boys.........

Who started this statement & what does it really mean?  I grew up with a sister so having a little boy means learning along with him what goes into being a boy.  So far I have figured out that being a boy means being a daredevil 24/7 & having no fear about doing anything & everything.

Brayden has always been adventurous & done things that I thought of as little boy things but here lately he is shocking me with just what he wants to do & try.

For Example:
He has decided that he wants to & will climb on the outer park of our stairwell; he used to just climb up & down on the 1st step edge (& I was always afraid that h was going to fall & bust his lip, face & head open then) but now he thinks that he is big enough & strong enough to go up all 5 of the way there is NO WAY to child proof this portion of the stairs so I just have to keep telling him "no, no" & saying "that will hurt Brayden".  He of course doesn't care & fights me tooth & nail to continue to do it over & over again but I just keep praying that as he is learning that doing this is a "no-no" that he doesn't get hurt really bad.

I know that girls can be & some are adventurous as well but there is something about what & how Brayden plays that makes me realize that there really is a difference in how boys & girls do things.  I guess "boys will be boys" but does that really have to mean that boys will give their mother's heart attacks on a daily basis??