Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Discipline & Consistency.....

I would have to say that when it comes to discipline & my consistency with it I am learning as I go & sometimes feeling like I am even failing as I go.  I feel like all I say to B these days is "no-no", "that will hurt Brayden" or "please don't that" & I hate the way that that makes me feel.  I mean I knew that I was going to end up being the "mean/bad parent" & Lance would be the "fun parent" simply because I am home with B & Lance's work hours suck & are very long but now that B is old enough & needing guidance & discipline it really is starting to feel that way & I hate it!!  I know that B has to learn right from wrong, good from bad, & of course living in the south manners are a must but I am struggling with the whole consistency thing which is making the disciplining part even harder.

I will let B do one thing one day (because it is either funny or I don't think about how unsafe it is I guess) & then tell him no the next day & he gets frustrated which in turn causes me to get frustrated & that in turns just makes for a completely bad situation & usually a crying/screaming child!!

Case In Point:  He loves to get up on the furniture but of course he doesn't want to just get up there & sit still; he wants to run & jump on it all...........especially on our sofa upstairs.  I was laughing at him doing this for he 1st time the other day but then realized that it was completely dangerous & he was probably going to eventually get hurt (not to mention I don't want him jumping on the furniture) so I made him stop.  He did just fine when I told him at that moment but about an hour later when he remembered how much fun it was to run & jump on the sofa & wanted to do it again when I said no to him he was of course confused & upset.

I have to start thinking about things a little better & being a better more consistent parent when it comes to things like this.  Sometimes I feel like I am setting myself of for failure when I let him do something like this & then I think "shouldn't I have this parenting thing figured out by now" & get really upset with myself.  I am not sure if it is pregnancy hormones or not but lately I have just been really hard in myself as far as my parenting skills go or don't go as far as I see it lately.  We will have 2 little boys running & playing in the house & if I can't figure it out with B then how am I going to figure it out the C joins the family in May??  Maybe I am just getting a bit freaked out & scared & just need to take a deep breathe & relax & I will do that eventually but until then how do you handle discipline & are you as consistent as you would like to be or think that you should be??