Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toddler Bed Already.........I'm Not Ready!!

I can't believe that I am actually considering doing this already but I think B might be trying to let us know that he is ready for a "big boy/toddler" bed.  I have been hoping & praying that he would stay in his crib until he was about 2 so after Colton was born but he has been trying more & more to get out of the darn thing & has almost succeeded quite a few times.  I have run into his room after seeing him on the monitor with his whole body is laying on the top corner of his crib; so does this mean he is ready or at least it is time?  At 18 months is he even going to stay in a toddler bed?  

On side of me thinks that if he is ready than he is ready & we will hopefully at least have it down to a science by the time Colton is born so we won't have a new baby in the house as well Brayden's bed transition but then another part of thinks that if he can hold out a little longer it might not be so bad to do it after Colton is born since I am going to be up & down throughout the night feeding C anyway.  I just don't know & am trying to trust my gut feeling on this but my gut says that he is just not ready for this big change however if he falls out & gets hurt I will never forgive myself for letting that happen!!

I would love any advise or to hear from you ladies about your personal experiences with the transition.

On another note: We have been blessed with good weather for the past few days (above 50) so we have been trying to make the most out of it & getting outside as much as possible.  We have a small little play area in the front of our neighborhood that we go to every once & a while & B just loves to swing............