Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Art & Crafts.........

For Valentine's day this year I wanted to give the grandparents & Lance something that B could help make himself & since he is only 18 months that meant something that he could get dirty doing & that meant that he would really enjoy it!!  I found this idea over at A Little Tipsy; I really did try to get B to put his hands on the paper the right way to make the hearts but he had something else in mind so I just went with it & decided that I would figure out a different way of using & making his hand painting into the perfect gifts.

I used a heart cookie cutter to cut out some hearts to mail with our Valentine's Day cards to friends & family & then used the rest of these to make frames for the grandparents & daddy.

For the grandparents...........

For daddy.........

I think that they turned out really well & think that they were a great way for B to show his favorite people how much he loves them!!

I also made more cupcakes (red velvet) & used another idea from A Little Tipsy for Valentine's Treats for B's daycare buddies.  I also think that these turned out well; I did change the type of chocolate to milk & white chocolate just because the kids in his daycare might not all like the mint flavor & I also just used red sprinkles instead of the crushed m&m's. 

 I used adorable printable tags that I found at Good Gravy Designs

 The kids loved them & the were so easy & fun to make.  The red velvet cupcakes that I made were from a recipe I found on Better Homes & Gardens (my new favorite recipe website) & they were a bit tricky when it came to the baking since they rise funny but I think that they turned out well after a 1st batch trial run (only fill the cupcake tins up half way).  I followed the recipe & sprinkled some of them with powdered sugar but had some left over cream cheese frosting from when I made these & used it on some of them as well.

I boxed them all up (well I did eat a few) & took them to family on Sunday & B's daycare for Valentine's Day.  I think that they were a hit & I have to say that I am really enjoying baking, cooking & being creative; these are things that I have always loved to do but have just never made or just taken the time to do lately.