Monday, February 28, 2011

"Mr. Happy"

When I was a kid I don't ever remember having that one toy/blanket that I had to have everywhere we went, all the time or just even at bed time but I know that Lance had a "wooby" that he carried around & slept with every night & now Brayden has his "Mr. Happy" or as he has recently renamed him "baby".

Mr. Happy joined our family when B was about 10 months old; his JuJu bought it for him because he liked to look at faces & that is what Mr. Happy is; a big yellow smiley face.  Mr. Happy wasn't noticed for a while because B had his fluffy white cow but slowly Mr. Cow was pushed aside for Mr. Happy; for a while we had to take both of them everywhere but now Mr. Happy is the only one that gets to travel!!

Mr. Happy is now a part of the family & B can't sleep with out him & will actually get him out of his crib from time to time now during the day too; especially when he is not feel well!!  Him taking him out during the day does make it hard to get him washed & refreshed sometimes though & with all the places he goes & has been he needs a good washing about once a week.

13 Months Old & not feeling well

18 Months Old & not feeling well

It is so sweet & cute to see him walking around holding on to him for dear life but have to admit that I am a bit jealous of all the hugs & kisses that Mr. Happy gets.

It is funny to look back at older photos & see how many Mr. Happy really is in; when I started thinking about how much B really does love him I got curious; he really is in a TON of photos so here are a few of my favorites!!


He really is B's best buddy & I am actually trying to find another one; just in case (God forbid) something happen to him or he somehow gets lost on one of his outings but can't seem to find one anywhere.  Do/did your kid/s have something like this that they carried or still carry around with them??