Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goodson House of Sickness.........

We have had one hell of a weekend & beginning of this week in the Goodson household & I am ready for this week to end already & it just began!!

Thursday started off as normal as could be; B woke up in an unbelievably wonderful mood & ran around says "hey" & "hi" to the dogs, daddy & myself all morning & until it was time for daycare.  He went in like a big boy & all was good UNTIL I got the call at about 10:45am; he had thrown up all over the place.  They said that he seemed fine & had no fever so he could stay but really.........leave my kid at daycare after that NO WAY, the house & all the errands I had to run were going to have to wait & off I went on the 5 second drive to get him & like they said he was fine but oh so happy to see mommy.  We packed him up & home we went; he didn't eat much & went down for a rather long nap but again he woke up fine & never got sick again.  I am going to chalk it up to teething & drainage upsetting his poor little belly to the point of making him sick; he does have his 18 month check up this Friday so I of course let them know about it but mommy intuition tells me that it was one of "those days".

We took it easy the rest of the day & just played around the house for the rest of the afternoon & then made plans to head out for a visit with PaPa & JuJu for lunch on Friday & although we had a great time & a wonderful lunch I now wish that we would have just stayed home........I ate something bad & at about 11:30 Friday evening I was up & in the bathroom & didn't get out until Saturday late afternoon..........it was the longest most horrible day I have had in quite a long time!!  Thankfully Lance took Brayden to his JuJu's Friday morning for a day & night of fun because there is no way in hell I was going to be able to run after the ever curious little guy that day!!

B got to go watch his cousin play basketball, play at the park & enjoy the 60 degree GA weather & then spend the night at JuJu & PaPa's so I know that he had fun but when Lance took him over there Saturday morning I cried.........a lot & missed him so much.  I spent Saturday in bed or in the bathroom until about 5 that evening & then finally ran a bath & soaked for a while to try & get my body to stop aching; being pregnant & sick is not fun at all; not to mention the worry I felt about baby Colton the whole day.  I was of course on the phone with my OB first thing that morning & of course there was no reason to worry but I guess that is just what mommas do!

Lance got home from work that night with gifts of Smart Water & flowers & we sat up a talked for about an hour before I was off to bed only to wake up Sunday feeling very weak, having a larger than life headache & just feeling overall yucky so needless to say we missed out on a planned family birthday party.  I was pretty bummed that we missed the party because we don't get to see them very often & I just knew that Brayden would have had a blast & Sunday turned out to be a day from hell!!

We are selling our boat since we have another little guy on the way & won't be using it very much in the next few years & if you have ever owned or known someone who owns a boat it is always an adventure when you try to do anything with it.  All Lance wanted to do was get it cleaned before the people looked at it & that turned into the purchase of a new battery, flat tires on the trailer that needed valve stems replaced (& no one was open early on a Sunday) & then once they got replaced on his way back up to meet the people a tire blew out & we had to get brand new tire for the darn thing so needless to say it was a very long day Sunday as well.  Fingers crossed that we hear back from the people & they will take the boat off our hands; it is bitter sweet to see it go since we have had so many great times on it but it is one expense that we don't need at this point in time.

Sunday came to an end early for all three of us; Brayden is teething & having a rough time of it so he was even trying to climb into bed all by himself at & so Lance & I followed very soon after he was out.   Monday arrived & I still had my headache but I was bound & determined to have a great day with little man.........that didn't happen at all though.  He is just having such a hard time with his teeth this time & I can see that he wants to be in a good mood but his teeth are just getting the best of him & I hate that I can't do a thing for him.   We made the most out of a yuck day & worked on some Valentine's Day arts & crafts & then he was off to bed about 7:30 that night; I still had/have my headache so I crawled in bed to watch TV & wait for Lance to get home only for my phone to ring & for Lance to tell me that he felt sick & thought that he was going to throw up.........5 minutes later he called back & said that he had thrown up & was trying to get home before doing so again.  He spend most of last night in the bathroom & is thankfully resting now & will be for the rest of the day.

I am not sure why or what is going on in this household but one thing is for sure; once I take B to daycare & have Lance tucked into bed for the day I am cleaning & disinfecting this whole entire house...headache or no headache I will get the germs out of this house today!!  The Lysol smell might take over our whole neighborhood but we will have no more yuck germs here; PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!