Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forrest Gump Was Right.........

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates; You Never Know What Your Gonna Get"

I just wish that my days & nights would stop acting like I just bite into the nastiest crappiest chocolate out of the box.  Everything with B is wonderful (except for his sleeping at night); we have been enjoying the beautiful weather outside & we even had the most amazingly happy & fun day yesterday.  But as far as Lance & I go, we are arguing about everything these days & on top of that Georgia (our Bulldog) went to the vet the other day & $650 later she is 74 pounds & HAS to lose weight ASAP, has a horrible double ear infection & the worst is she also has a UTI that I am about to kill her over.  I know that she can't help it at the moment but she is peeing all over the place & it is driving this neat freak BANANAS!!!

It is mainly at night so it is in our bedroom & I swear no matter how fast I clean it up the smell is still there & it is only getting worse as the days go on.  We took her to the vet on Tuesday so she had an antibiotic shot that day & will be on pill antibiotic for 12 days following but it hasn't kicked in yet so I am setting my alarm to get every 2 hours so I can get her up & outside to try & prevent her from peeing on my carpet BUT IT IS NOT HELPING & I am actually to the point of being in tears over it.  

I am not sleeping well as it is & now this is making it even worse; all I smell is pee & all I hear all night is her moving around so I jump up to see if she needs to go out or just make her get up & go out anyway.  I have had a UTI before; as I am sure many of you have; so I do understand that she can't help it but God please let her medicine kick in very soon so that I can clean my carpet with the steam cleaner (I am doing it today anyway since my pregnancy nose can't take it) & she (& I) can both get some much needed rest & stress relief.  I hate to think about how uncomfortable she might be as well; she acts fine except for not eating normally but I know that she has to be in some kind of pain even if it's just a little!

As for Brayden's sleep pattern at night; it has gone into the crapper as well; I am not sure what is causing it & he is not waking really but he is crying & sometimes screaming/screeching in his sleep on top off rolling around & moving a lot.  I am not sure if it teeth, growing pains, stomach issues, or what but I hate that my little boy is sleeping so horribly & not getting his much needed rest.  He is still pretty much in a great mood most of the time but I can tell he is not 100% & pray that what ever it is that is causing it passes very soon.

I know that married couples go through rough patches & stress in other areas of our life can cause this & some of our fights are about nothing & mean nothing but some of them are very serious.  We have to get through some stuff & I just keep praying that everything will be OK between us sooner rather than later.

I know that this post has been a bunch of bitching & complaining so I am sorry but if you can muster a prayer out for us today I would greatly appreciate it.  I am tired; tired of cleaning up pee, tired of arguing with Lance, tired of not sleeping, tired of being stressed, tired of crying over just about everything (the small & big things are both getting tears these days) & would love just to be able to concentrate on all the joy that we have in our lives now.............please & thank you.  I feel like I can't find the happy right now & even though I know I can't because I have only slept about 10 hours total since Monday, I just want to concentrate on my precious baby boy that I have the joy of chasing everyday & on the little guy that will be here in only 11 weeks.  I want my puppy to be healthy again & give me a break with the pee & I want my relationship with my husband to return to it's regularly scheduled program & get off of the horror channel.  I just want some happy & good days in the near future & don't think that is too much to ask for.

Before anyone says it or thinks it, it is not depression & it is really just stress & a lot going on in the Goodson household.  Stress relief & normalcy are the answers & cures that I am seeking but I just can't find how to relieve any of it at the moment.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday & again sorry for all the itching & complaining!!