Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hard & Emotional Times...

So I woke up yesterday feeling horrible & swollen & was hoping that today i would feel better but even with working out this morning I am still not feeling 100%. I think that I am still recovering from my salt overload but I am having a few emotional issues that are dragging me down too. Lance is having such a stressful time at work these days & it is really effecting me as well. I know that work can be consuming but our son is growing inside my belly more & more each day & someday I just don't want to hear all the negative crap about that damn place. I work too & have bad days too but the joy of Brayden gets me through with a smile on my face no matter what. I keep telling Lance that I need him to be more attentive & loving towards me & the baby but I keep repeating myself for what seems like no good is not happening! I know that he loves Brayden & me very much & I know that he handles things differently than I do (we all handle stress differently) but all I am asking for is for him to put his feelings aside for a bit & be understanding of the fact that I AM PREGNANT & CAN"T CONTROL MY FEELINGS & EMOTIONS so please be there for me!!

Needed to get that off my chest & hope that doing this helps these feelings go away so that I am not a tearful mess like I was yesterday! I don't want to be seen as "that" pregnant woman :)