Tuesday, April 28, 2009

27 Weeks Today....

And only 91 days to go; I swear the days seem to be going so slowly but time overall is flying by.....if that even makes sense at all!! I am feeling really good & getting more & more excited as the days go by!!

Your Baby This Week:

It's official--you and your baby are starting your third trimester and are well on your way to delivery day! As growth continues, your baby weighs in at over 2 pounds and because his body is more developed, measurement no longer goes from rump to crown, but from head to toe--about 15 inches! Your baby can suck his thumb now, which is actually a good thing! It helps calm him, while also helping to strengthen jaw muscles and encourage the suckling reflex. Your baby can even cry now, but you won't be able to hear him. Your baby's eyelids are starting to open, and he can actually open and close his eyes while in the womb.

How far along? 27 weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 23 lbs
Maternity clothes? I LOVE them & actually need to get more this weekend
Stretch marks? none yet & I am keeping my fingers crossed that none pop up
Sleep: Some nights I have no problems at all but some nights I am only getting about 2-3 hours!!
Best moment this week: going to the lake on Sunday
Movement: all the time....he still manages to catch me off guard sometimes
Food cravings: I have gotten the chocolate craving under control but it is still there
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: NONE
Belly Button in or out? still in but stretching out to be pretty flat
What I miss: the energy level I used to have
What I am looking forward to: just waking up everyday & feeling him move around makes my whole day!!
Weekly Wisdom: rest, rest, rest....
Milestones: Lance seeing the baby move without me pointing it out to him!