Friday, April 24, 2009


was such a good day; until I burnt my arm last night pulling the garlic bread out of the stove...what a dumb ass I am. I haven't burnt myself like this in quite a long time!!

The day started with a surprise breakfast for my boss who turned 50; so of course I always plan the parties & luncheons that we do here but now that I am pregnant I really wanted to eat something yummy so I ordered from JR's & all I can say was I skipped lunch yesterday because I was still full from eating breakfast at 7:30. It was so good though; for only $7.50 a person we got scrambled eggs, grit, biscuits, sausage gravy, sausage, bacon, their famous & delicious blueberry muffins & drinks.....holy crap was it awesome! I tried to be good & just make a small plate so I just had a little bit of eggs, 1 piece of bacon & then 1 biscuit with some gravy....well the biscuits are huge & the first was so yummy that I had another one about 30 minutes after I ate the first time. To my defense though I had to go back downstairs to the break room to clean up & put everything away & they were calling my name & who am I to deny them what they wanted?? So then because it was a birthday of course we had cake & I had to have that as well so I id & it was delicious as well. I had eaten all of this by 10:30 in the morning & when 12:30 rolled around all I could eat was my green beans & peas that I brought for lunch.....I figured that I needed to eat something healthy!

I have to admit that breakfast was good going down but I was crap the rest of the day....I couldn't think right & I was so tired for being so full, please all the salt was starting to make me swell worse than I already was so all I wanted to do was go home & be with Lance who had the day off! He was busy all day doing stuff to get ready for our neighborhood yard sale & for my parents visit in May. When I got home at 5 he was in Brayden's room hanging his picture; it looks so good & I am happy to have stuff on the wall finally! We are going to hold off on hanging anymore stuff on the wall until we pick out some curtains & get them up.....for some reason I just think that the curtains will change the way the whole room looks & where things should be hung might vary as well. Lance didn't understand my logic but went with it anyway, plus I wanted him to be done doing stuff around the house so that we could spend some time that is when I was making dinner & burnt the skin right off of my arm. This damn burn is still throbbing & still really hurts; but I do have to say Lance was so cute last night taking care of me & my burn....I have such a wonderful husband & cherish every minute I have with him; I just hope he knows how much I love him!!