Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthing Plan....

So, I printed out the birthing plan that the bump offers online yesterday & took it home so that Lance & I could look it over & see what exactly we have to tell the doctors & midwives to make sure things happen the way that we are planning. Lance didn't have a chance to look at it since he had another late night at work :( but we will look it over together tomorrow on his day off!! What I know for a fact right now though is that I want Lance to be there with me through the whole birthing process & then my mom & his mom will be there (in the room) as well but I am not sure about them being there for the whole thing...that I am just going to decide when everything is happening; I might care or I might not, I have never done this before so I just don't know how I am going to feel about them in the room with so much going on & I am sure that I will just be trying to focus on Brayden & the labor so too many people might be a distraction. I also know that I want to deliver naturally; no drugs (epidural or IV), no induction medications, I would prefer no episomity & I do want the baby to be in my & Lance's sight at all times so no leaving the room for any reason (my only exception to that might be when Brayden is circumcised; not sure if I want to witness that or not...but again I will see how I feel at the time).

I know that every woman is different & I don't knock anyone for the choices that they have made for themselves....everyone makes the right choices for themselves & their family. I know that everything that I have just said about how we want the day/days of labor to go are all just WANTS & things could change, but they are mine & Lance's wants & desires for the deliver of our child & I think that they should be respected by all doctors, nurses, midwives, family & friends. With that being said, I am shocked at the reactions that people have when I say that I want to go natural.....just because you did it one way does not mean that, that is the only way it can be done & I would appreciate it if everyone would get behind these decisions & support us & not say "ouch, are you crazy" or I really love this one "you are just saying that now but you just wait until the pain starts" you really think that I am sitting here thinking that everything is going to be pain free & feel awesome, that delivering our baby is going to be a walk in the park?? I know that it is painful to deliver a child & I am preparing myself to deal with that pain using different methods, but I also know that with Lance by my side supporting me through the whole delivery that he & I can get through the pain & delivery together, as a couple & as a team. He is my rock to lean on & I know that we can do it!!

Like I said before we also do know & realize that things happen & things could change during delivery but WE, (LANCE & I) will deal with those things when & if they arise the day Brayden decides to join us but until then BACK OFF....Lance & I can make our own decisions about OUR child!