Monday, April 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.....

Mondays are starting to stink more & more now that the weather is getting better; I mean who wants to be in a building working when it is 85 & sunny outside?? Not me that is for sure...actually today I just wanted to be at home sleeping since I think I over did it a bit this weekend.

The long weekend started with Friday night; we had to get everything ready & in the garage for the neighborhood yard sale that was happening Saturday from 8-2 so we were pulling out everything we wanted to sale & then Saturday morning I got up early (5:30am) to get everything priced & ready to be put out. Lance had to work at 8 on Saturday as usual so I sat out with the stuff all day (in the heat) was kind of relaxing, I would just read in between people stopping by the sale. I would say that it was an overall success & we were happy with the money that we made from it. I have everything that didn't sale ready to go to goodwill & Lance is going to drop it off on Wednesday. We had bought tickets to go see the Gwinnett Braves play on Saturday night but Lance didn't get home until around 8 & the game started at 7 so we just went to a late dinner (Japanese yummy, but full of salt!!) & then came home to rest for our big Sunday on the lake.

Sunday is always lake day, it has been for a few years now ever since we bought our first ski boat; if it is not raining we are there...& sometimes if it is raining we are there too!! This past Sunday was the perfect day to be on the lake; it was 85 & there was a nice cool breeze coming off the water. We had such a good time but I paid for it today!! Lance kept telling me that we needed to put the bimini top up on the boat so that I could get out of the sun but I kept saying I was fine & I had put on sun block so there was no need for the top to be up....well I think that I should have been in the shade for at least half of the day because I was whipped today!! I have to realize that I can't be in the sun like I was all the past years, I have to realize that things are body is different, my skin is more sensitive, I may feel fine but I am wearing my self out without even realizing it. When will I learn?? Overall it was an awesome day on the water & we are loving our new boat, we have more room on this boat than we ever did on our ski boat & I would have to say that I think this boat is perfect for our growing family :)

***SIDE NOTE*** Make sure that when you are applying the spray kind of sunscreen that it is actually misting out of the bottle & not streaming! Apparently if there is a small clog on the sprayer it doesn't spread as well!! I have a streak up the back of my right arm that is burnt to holy hell.....if only I would have listened to Lance about putting up the top!!