Friday, April 17, 2009

Doctor's Appt. Today....

Today I have my 24 week check up but I am actually 25 weeks; from having to go to my regular doctor & also the specialist I guess we got a week off somehow & we will have to fix that today!! I know that it will be business as usual but I am so excited to hear Brayden's heartbeat; it amazes me every time that I hear it. I am hoping that there will not be a comment about my weight like there was at my last visit but I guess I will just have to listen to it if there is. I don't feel that I have really put on that much weight; well until this last legs & feet are swelling & feel like they each weigh 100 lbs each (note to self - REMEMBER to talk to doctor about this)! I am so forgetful these days & it is really killing me; I have always been the one that remembers everything & now I forget what I need walking from one room to the next & it is driving me crazy!

On a side note I am again having one of my "everything makes me cry days" & I just can't shake it today. I just feel so emotional & it is not even that I really mind it so much but crying at work is just so inappropriate & I hate people seeing me do it. I know, I know I am pregnant & it is normal but it is not normal for me!! I will just have to think of our little lovebug growing in my belly, which makes me smile & then I can also think of his room that is coming along so nicely & smile again. My wonderful husband was off work yesterday & spent the whole day doing things around the house....this included putting together Brayden's crib & glider & when I got home & could actually sit in his room & look at it all I got a bit emotionally overwhelmed (SHOCKING...really)!! His room is starting to look like a nursery & I love we just need his final piece of furniture, the bedding, to finish buying everything for the walls & then once everything get here we need to hang everything on the much to do in 15 weeks!!

WOW....only 15 more weeks until we meet him!! **here come the tears again**