Thursday, December 3, 2009

4 Months Old....

Wow, where has the time gone?? Here is our little man in all his glory. He wasn't in the best of moods & is such a wiggle worm these days it as hard to get a good pictures but I tried!!

Brayden's doctor appointment isn't until Monday so I will update his stats then....for now I will just post how & what he has been doing.

He HAS NOT been sleeping through the night. I don't think it is the "4 month wakeful" thingy because he isn't really awake; he is just either whining or crying in his sleep but if I get up go in the nursery rub his head & put his pacifier in his mouth in about 10 minutes he is back asleep for almost an hour...sometimes less....I have to talk to the doctor about this on Monday for sure!!

He HAS been drooling up a storm; I don't see or feel teeth but holy cow we are going through bibs like crazy!

He HAS NOT been enjoying laying around; he wants to be sitting up all the time. We put him in his swing, car seat, nap nanny & he raises his head right up as if to say "Hey mom....I really don't want to be in here".

He HAS grown out of all of his 3 month clothes & most of his 3-6 month clothes; he is wearing mostly straight 6 months clothes.

He HAS NOT stopped chewing on his fingers since he found them; they are always slimy & wet!

He HAS brightened everyday of our lives since we found out we were expecting him; the unconditional love we feel for him is insane!!

He HAS NOT stopped looking at everything that he can possible see; I swear the boy is going to give himself whiplash if he does slow his head turns down.

He HAS found his feet & accidentally also found his "business".

He HAS NOT mastered the sitting up thing; I sit him up against something & he jack knifes his body by leaning forward & falling face in point below.....

He HAS been talking...well babbling up a storm. We have actual conversations with him; I have no idea what he is telling me but I hang on every babbling word.

He HAS NOT made the choice of me staying home or working very easy for his momma; he is so stinking cute & awesome that it is hard to think clearly about the subject. We are working through everything though & our choice will be mad very soon!!

Brayden has been such a joy to take care of & not to toot my own horn or jinx myself but he is a really GOOD baby.....he is a joy everyday & that gummy little grin never fails to melt my heart when I see it. It doesn't matter how late or tired I am I see those gums & my heart melts into goo.

I feel so blessed & lucky & am now in tears over the fact that our little man is growing up so fast. Today it is gummy grins & smiles. tomorrow it will be walking & then the next day it will be his wedding day......time is flying by so fast I only hope I don't miss a thing!!