Monday, December 21, 2009

Back On Track....

Everyone in the Goodson household is on the road to recovery & Lance & I are both at work & Brayden is enjoying daycare today......Woo Hoo!! We had a great weekend of relaxing & recovering & hopefully we will all be 100% by Christmas.

I feel like it was one of the best weekends we have had in a very long time considering we are all under the weather; Lance & I laughed & cuddled like we used too. We have both been letting the small & big stresses of life bog us down & we were due for a few good laughs & family days. It was just Brayden, Lance & I chilling on the sofa napping, eating, & watching football all weekend.......well I had hair & nail appointments that I couldn't miss since Christmas is this Friday & I didn't want to scare everyone with the roots & hangnails I was sporting.

I also managed to get all my side of the family's gifts wrapped & shipped off to VA......I will post more on that when I get home tonight. I am so proud of they way turned out :)