Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye, Bye 2009....Hello 2010

I have just gotten out of the shower & am ready for our big 2009 NYE celebration; I am in my newest most comfortable VS pj's & & so happy that we will be spending the night listening to the sound of the womb through the baby monitor......honestly we probably won't even make it to the ball dropping & we are alright with that! To say good bye to 2009 is VERY bittersweet; it has been the best year of my life & I know that 2010 will be great in it's own way but 2009 will always be a year to remember. It is funny that I said this back in 2007 too; that was the year that I married the man of my dreams & I thought nothing could top that.....boy was I wrong!!

It's not that our wedding wasn't one of the best days of my life but I don't think anything will ever compare to pregnancy & giving birth to the most wonderful & happy little boy I have ever laid my eyes on. Lance & I's marriage has also changed & we have just recently figured it out (well for now that is) & I feel closer to him now than I ever have. 2009 will always hold a special place in my heart & here is the recap in pictures.......

January - 11 weeks pregnant & I thought that this was considered a belly....HAHAHAHA We also got our first picture of little man....we were beside ourselves!!

February - 16 Weeks along & I started this blog!

March - 20 Weeks along, we're getting a belly now right & IT'S A BOY.....We were expecting Brayden Lance Goodson & couldn't be more excited!!

April - 26 Weeks along & this is the month that I was getting ready & Lance looked out at me from the closet & said "HOLY SHIT, WHERE DID THAT THING COME FROM"....he was talking about my belly & needless to say I burst out in tears!!

We also went to South Carolina on vacation & had so much fun!!

May - 29 Weeks in this picture, a new mommy mobile & my 1st baby shower (Lance's sister threw it)!!

June - 33 Weeks Along & my work baby shower

July - 38 Weeks Along, Maternity Photos & I passed by my due date of July 28th & there was no sign of him coming anytime soon!! I guess he liked it in there :)

August - I was admited to the hospital on August 2nd to be induced & Brayden arrived on August 3rd at 6:57pm.

August was also when our poor 3 week old baby was admitted to the ER because he spiked a was so hard to see him like this!!

September - 1 month old & back to work.....good thing I got to take Brayden with me!!

October - 2 months old, trip to Helen, GA & football

November - 3 months old, our trip to Virginia Beach to see Grams & Puddy & Thanksgiving

December - 4 months old, feet & Christmas

2010 is going to be a great year for the Goodson family; I mean how could it not be with Brayden in our lives right? I am going to watch our son grow up & love both Brayden & Lance everyday with my whole heart (Georgia & Bella too)!!

Have a happy & safe new year & I will talk to everyone next year......hahaha!!