Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Day of Work For A While!!

We have our Christmas luncheon today at work & then we are closed until January 4th.....a woo hoo would be in order right now HOWEVER I have to work next Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to get the month/year closing started & hopefully almost completely done. I am alright with it since no one else will be here I will be able to concentrate & get it done with no interruptions.

We decided to have a "Fiesta" style luncheon since everyone will have their traditional Christmas dinners on Friday & I couldn't more excited about all the dishes that everyone is bringing in. I made enchiladas & just hope that they taste as good as they look...I ment to take a picture last night when I was done but it was 9pm & that was way past my bed time & I forgot.

Lance was off early last night so he came home but had to go get his hair cut since he knew that I would be going camera crazy over the next few weeks & he hasn't been able to get there to get it done in quite a while. He got it cut a different way & I love it. He is trying to find an easier way to do it with less gel & by george I think he did it; I will be posting pictures like crazy I'm sure this weekend so just be on the look out for it!!

This is all I really have right now; I have a bunch more to catch up on from last week but I will need to do that from home so that I can upload the pictures I will just leave you all with some pictures of my beautiful, wonderful, smart & amazing little man. Brayden, mommy loves you more than I can put into words!!

These pictures are about 2 weeks old & he has changed so much since then but these are the only ones I have on my computer here at work :)