Friday, December 18, 2009

I Have Had Enough God....Really Can I Have A Break Now?

Sunday & Monday I was throwing up sick; I hate to throw up as I am sure most people do but I was feeling better by Monday evening when I picked up little man from daycare. Tuesday morning Lance went into work but then started to throw up & ended up at the doctors office getting IV fluids because he was so dehydrated so I left work to go get him from the doctor's office & take him home. I got him settled at home & then I headed back to work, poor thing threw up so hard that he burst all the blood vessels in his face! We thought that his illness would run the same course my did but he is a man so of course that didn't happen! ON A SIDE NOTE: Why is it men are such moody babies when they get sick; I mean really does Lance think that the world just stops & I have time to take care of him 24/7 on top of caring for our son, the house, working, the pups??

Moving on......Wednesday morning Lance was staying home from work because he was still throwing up & pottying every 2 seconds so I took little man to school & was off to work. Around 9:30 I get a call from Lance & daycare called & I had to go pick up Brayden because he has thrush.......REALLY??? I had a breakdown on the way to tell my bosses that I once again had to leave but Lance couldn't get him because he was still so sick & I did not want to chance Brayden getting a stomach bug!! I got in the car & was off to get him the whole way there I was on the phone with the doctor to see if they could call in a prescription or did I need to bring him in to be seen.....thankfully they just called in the prescription (since thrush is very common; NASTY but common). I picked Brayden up & then we headed home to the house of sickness; I made Lance stay in the bedroom so he would not get Brayden sick & let me just say he was in the best of moods that afternoon!

I had to get out of the house & away from the sick & grumpy man that was there & had some Christmas errands to run anyway so I packed Brayden up & we headed to Micheal's & the mall & we got some great stuff for wrapping Christmas presents this year (I will post about that this weekend). We got home I made Lance take something to help him sleep got Brayden down & began to wrap presents & I have to say that it cheered me up & I was so thankful it did. I got in bed around 10 & was absolutely exhausted!!

Thursday came & Brayden & I were off to work......I took him with me for the day since he couldn't be in daycare until he had been on his medicine for 24 hours & I don't think I really could have handled another call at work that I needed to leave yet again so we spent the day together & it was awesome!! Lance on the other hand went back to the doctor & he has bronchitis & pneumonia on top of the fact that he is still pooping like a crazy man. I really thought that I was going to have a complete mental breakdown yesterday at work but thankfully Brayden smiled at me & all was good in the world again! Lance only has one lung so he these illnesses are VERY dangerous for him & we have to be so careful & cautious with his recovery.......NOT TO MENTION I don't want Brayden to catch any of this stuff!

Lance got 2 shots yesterday & a really strong pill antibiotic & they are testing his poop! He had to poop in a tube......hahahaha (I thought that was funny as hell yesterday) & is home resting until Monday. I was hoping that this would be the last of the sickness in the Goodson residence BUT as the day progressed yesterday I developed a full blown cold....oh yeah I have the runny nose, sore throat, ears are clogged.....IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Normally after a few days of rest my colds are completely gone but who can rest when Lance is sick & I have to care for little man & have so much to do before Christmas?

It has been one hell of a week & I am so happy that it is Friday.....I hope that my family can rest & recovery this weekend :)