Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ENT Appointment & Results

I finally had my ENT appointment last Wednesday the 9th & I was so ready to get the results of all of the tests that they had run & get on the road to feeling better.....well that is not what happened at all!! I got there they were running an hour behind schedule & when the ENT "specialist" finally got to see me she told me that all my tests are normal which is a good thing & unless my dizziness gets worse there is not much more they can do for me! Why couldn't they just call & tell me that on the phone, why waste my time & take another $40 copay from me to tell me absolutely nothing that helps me.

I have to live with this crap & just hope that it gets worse so that they will do more tests.....do I even want more tests?? I am so annoyed with Kaiser right now I could spit & if you know me I hate spit so I am pretty pissed!