Friday, December 4, 2009

TAM (True Authentic Mom) TAG

I was tagged by Jennifer on her Blonde Ambition blog...thanks Jenn; so I am going to follow her lead & list the 5 things that I think make me an authentic mom.

1. I swear Brayden's diaper bag is overflowing with stuff that he might need; I am a new mom so I just don't know if I am ready to take anything out just yet. What if I take something out & then that I the something he needs or wants that day??

2. I take non-stop pictures of little man. He is the most beautiful & precious baby that I have seen & yes I know he is mine but really have you seen him?? He is quite adorable :)

3. I smile every time I see him.....even when he gets up at 12, 1am, 2am, 3am.....& on & on. He whines or cries in the middle of the night & I go running; I love to pick him up out of his crib & rock him until he is sleeping soundly again. He is always so warm & snugly late night/early morning.

4. I know that I only have 4 months of motherhood under my belt so I ask a TON of everyone!! I ask my mom, Lance's mom, people at work, every time we go to the doctor I have my list ready to go & ask away. I know that I will not get it all right & I know that he will survive but I worry about him all the time & just want to make sure that I am doing the best things for him.

5. The love that I have in my heart can only be understood by other mothers I think. I love my baby boy with all of my heart & all that I am; the love I feel for him is so pure & unconditional & the day he was born my life changed & hasn't stopped changing on a day to day basis & it is the best feeling!!

I have to tag 5 other mothers so here goes; I only know these women through their blogs but I love to read & keep up with their day to day or week to week updates.

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