Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Made Our Decision....

Brayden was supposed to start daycare this morning however I am home with him today because he already learned how to play hookie:) He had his 4 month shots yesterday & when I got up this morning to check on him he was very warm so I took his temperature & it was 101.5 which means no daycare & I get one more day with him all to myself :) He is napping now & I am hoping that he will be feeling better to make it to "school" tomorrow.

Like I said he had his 4 month check up yesterday...he weighs 15.4 pounds (65%) & he is 26 inches tall (92%) so it looks like as of right now he is going to be tall & slender like his momma. He didn't do well with the shots & screamed bloody murder but daddy picked him up gave him his bottle & he calmed down after about 5 minutes; it really does break my heart to see him like that! The doctor also said that the spitting up, mucous & the crying & whining at night sounds like acid reflux & heartburn so we are putting rice cereal in his formula for each feeding to help with that & then at his 6 month check up we will probably start him on "real" foods. He seemed to sleep better last night but that could be because he isn't feeling well but I am praying that the rice cereal does the trick for little man!!

Now to our decision on daycare...it was a hard choice for Lance & I; we talked about it day & night & finally decided that it was best for Brayden to be in "school". We visited the Goddard School that we looked at while I was pregnant again last week & I really do love the school; there was not one unhappy child there, no dirty clothes on the kids, no snotty faces. All of the teachers there were on the floor with the kids, they were interacting with them & the kids truly seemed to be enjoying the time & the activities.

I am going to be taking Friday's off so that I can have a 3 day weekend with Brayden every week & Lance is going to continue to keep him on Wednesday's which is his day off during the week so Brayden will only be there 3 days a week & we are really excited for him to learn & grow with the other kids there. When we were there visiting Brayden stared at all of the other "little" people that were there playing & went straight to the teacher of his class which was awesome. Not to mention the kids that were in his class came up to us to smile & it made me feel at ease that they were so happy while there! It is going to be a hard thing for me to not see him all day everyday BUT I think that this is the best & right choice for our family & especially for Brayden.

I was going to post a picture of Brayden from yesterday but I just deleted all put pictures off my memory stick instead of copying them to my computer........WTF???? Maybe mom needs a nap too :)