Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can I Get A Weekend RE-DO???

Brayden has been congested for about a week now & I know that is normal but just to make sure that it wasn't in his chest I took him to the doctor on Saturday. We really decided to take him because he had horrible nights on Thursday & Friday & then Saturday morning he scared us by choking on what he was coughing up!! He scared the crap out of us to say the least!! Poor little man would cough & then would choke on whatever he had in his mouth/throat; he did this a few times so Lance called the doctor & got him an appointment for later that day.

Of course the doctor said that he was fine & to just continue what we have been doing with the Vick's waterless vaporizer, humidifier, saline drops, aspirator, & having him sleep on an incline BUT then she had the nerve to ask me if Brayden was our first.....I looked at her & said "what does that matter" & she said "by the time you have your second we won't ever see you for stuff like this". STUFF LIKE THIS...what the hell is that supposed to mean? I think this might have upset me to point point of which it did because I was so sleep deprived & she should have known that by the way I looked & thought about what she was saying but I turned & looked at the her & told her exactly how inappropriate that question & comment were in a not so nice way. Why the hell would you make me feel like I brought my child here for some silly reason? Who cares if he is my 1st, 2nd, or 8th child I would do the same thing for each one if they were sick & had been for a week.

Anyway, I got Brayden into his car seat & left. We got home & I got him down for a nap & tried to sleep myself but there is just to much to do with the holiday's right around the corner so I did some last minute Christmas shopping online & by the time I was done little man was awake so we played & read a book, he ate a full bottle & then we just cuddled until his JuJu & PaPa got there. They came over to watch him while Lance & I went out to a Christmas party for a few hours. We weren't really gone too long (7-10) but it was long enough & to tell you the truth I didn't really enjoy being away from Brayden. I guess on top of him being sick, he has been in daycare & I feel like I haven't seen him that much so even when he is sleeping I would rather be at home with him & Lance than out at a party.

We got up Sunday to do some more Christmas shopping; it was fun to get out as a family & run errands with all the other holiday crazy people in Georgia!! We got home around 2 & I put a pot roast on for dinner & went about on Sunday. At around 5:30 I started to feel yucky; my stomach was really hurting but I just told myself it was the Steak n Shake burger that I had for lunch......come to find out it wasn't that! I started throwing up at 7pm & didn't stop until yesterday afternoon!! I hate to throw up as I am sure everyone does but I haven't had a stomach bug in years & I didn't even get morning sickness so I don't think I have even thrown up in 2-3 years.......it was awful!! Lance watched Brayden Sunday night so I would get him sick & that was fun for him......Lance wasn't paying attention at 1am when Brayden was up for a bottle & while Lance was feeding him he peed all over him :) I thought it was funny so I laughed but then got sick again & Lance said "see that is what you get for laughing at me".

I thought I was alright to come into work yesterday but left after being here for only a few hours & went home to rest! I am feeling better today & have been able to keep soup down last night & an English muffin down this morning; now if I could get my body to stop feeling like I have been beat up I would be perfect!!

I guess all in all my weekend was too bad & I don't need a whole weekend re-do just the part where I got sick.......I would never want to re-do anytime that I spend with Brayden!! He is less congested today & slept so much better last night so I hope he has a great day at school & can't wait to pick him up this afternoon!!!