Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brayden's 1st Christmas - Part Two

We got over to Lance's parents house (JuJu & PaPa's) around 10:30 Christmas morning; there were so many people coming over & so much food needed to be made that I wanted to be there to help. Brayden was in he kitchen helping us.

When Brayden was over being in the kitchen he & Lance decided to chill on the sofa; we brought his nap nanny with us since he has been sleeping in it every night recently. We love this darn thing & so does Brayden; it keeps his head elevated & with him having such a lingering bad cold it helps with the drainage issue he has been having (it is a hell of a lot better than elevating his crib, that's for sure!!)

Tille has the cutest tree for the kids; Brayden's name was added to the list this year & I was so excited to see it on the tree!!

When Tille & I finished in the kitchen she finally got to spend some time with the grandkids & then we changed little mans clothes (my dumb ass didn't get a full picture of it & it was adorable) & then everyone arrived & we at a very yummy meal. Brayden napped while we ate & then it was time for more presents...Brayden got so much to play with & grow into that we are actually going to store one of our spare bedroom suites & make that room into a play room/craft room for Brayden & I.......we can't wait & I will post more on that later!!

Around 5 Brayden hit the wall & was done; he was still being really good but we could tell that he was feeling yucky & we needed to get him home & in bed for a good nights sleep......that did not happen!!