Sunday, June 6, 2010

10 Months Old............Already

I can not believe that Brayden is already 10 months old; well he was on on June 3rd.  We are currently planning his first birthday party & it is so much fun but where did our baby go?  Brayden now crawls, walks (with some assistance), talks......"Dada" & "bye, bye", prefers to feed himself, pulls up on everything & is drinking Vitamin D milk & no longer on formula (more on that in another post); & first & foremost he is STTN..............I am sure that I am going to regret saying that but he is!!!

We took him out to dinner to celebrate his 10 month birthday!!!

Your dad & I love you so much & we just can't get over how fast you are growing.  You are such a good & unbelievably happy little boy!  You smile all day, everyday & are the biggest joy & blessing in our lives.  Your sisters (our pups) love you so much & don't even care that you pull at their joules, they love to kiss on you & follow you around everywhere you go.  You at the light of our lives & will never know how much we love you!!!