Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Review...........Long & Packed Full of Photos!

We had quite a long, busy & fun weekend with Brayden even though he still isn't quite 100%.  Wednesday I stayed home with him & then Thursday Lance stayed home with him since we were both off on Friday!

Thursday was a long day for Lance since he really hasn't ever kept Brayden because he was sick; I think that they still had a great day together I just think that there was a lot of happy to sad quick changes from Brayden.  Like this.........
& this........
Poor Brayden just wasn't himself that day & so by the time I got home from work Thursday evening Lance was worn out & Brayden was ready for bed.  He hadn't had a fever all day which was great & was our biggest concern since it was 103 the past day & a half.  Brayden woke up Friday morning & was 90% & I couldn't have been happier!  We spent the morning with him playing & laughing & then when he went down for his morning nap Lance & I both got ready to run our errands.  We kept waiting for B to wake up but he slept for 2 hours; he never takes that long of a morning nap but we were happy he got some god rest!!

We took him into school & I have to say he seemed really happy to be there after playing hookie for 2 days!  I had a hair appointment & Lance went with me to get a haircut too, then we ran around taking care of a few more things & then we were back to pick B up & we were home bound to get ready for company later that night!  We had a few our our newly engaged friends over for a little poker; it brought back so many memories to here them talk about wedding plans not to mention baby plans!  They are not only getting married but they are expecting too; they are going to be he 1st set of our close friends to have a baby & Lance & I are so excited for them as well as us.  It is so hard when none of our friends have kids & don't seem to understand we just can't always go out!

Lance won the poker game that night..............WOO HOO!!

Saturday we just hung around the house & Lance got so much done around the house while B & I played; he even managed to get the baby gates up on the stairs.  We had been trying to get them up for some time now but none of the ones that we bought were working so he had to figure out a "creative" way to make our stairs safe & he did a great job!  Then we decided that after B's nap we would do his pool in the back yard for the 1st time.........he was so cute in his little swim outfit, huh???
 & he liked the pool but not right away!
Bella & Georgia had a fun time in their pool as well!!
Oh yeah, Saturday morning B tried eggs for the 1st time & I think that he is allergic; he had a rash on his back & chest a few hours after but it didn't really bother him & went away completely later that afternoon.

 Saturday night we just ordered Chinese & relaxed at home since we had family birthday lunch on Sunday for Glenn, Jason, Travis & Caleb.  I got up with Brayden Sunday morning we we ate breakfast while we let Lance sleep in a bit!  Brayden & I played & crawled & walked around the house until he passed out; I love when he gets sleepy & starts laying his head down on my lap!!

We got ready B woke up & we were off to JuJu & PaPa's house to visit before we were off to the restaurant to eat. Here's B in his big boy car seat.......he loves it!
We played around & then went to eat & then we were back & the house for cake & ice cream.........
Brayden LOVED the cake!!
Then it was home to rest & bed............Lance had to get a good nights sleep since he was starting a new job Monday (yesterday) & I had work (BOO)!