Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday.......

I write this with a heavy heart, a clouded brain & tears in my eyes.  I snapped at Brayden yesterday morning.....I told him to "stop" really loudly & you know what he did??  He tilted his perfect little head/face, looked me in the eyes & smiled!!  He is such a sweet & good little boy & I snapped at him because I was having a bad morning...........what is wrong with me??  Will he remember me doing it??  If he does will he forgive me??

As I drove into work crying & conversing with God I asked for forgiveness & help to control my frustration; I mean how could I snap at my 10 month old (as of today) child??  I prayed for Brayden to have a good day & for him to still love me when I picked him up from school. I prayed that he would always know that I love him & I think my prayers were answered because when I walked into his school he saw me he started laughing & reached for me & as I picked him up he gave me the biggest hug ever!!

I am thankful for:
44.  the unconditional love I receive from my son daily; he truly is a perfect gift from God
45. our newly decorated kitchen table....
46.  my daily converstaion/prayers with God
47.  the s'more recipe shared by Lauren @ laurensblog.greenfamily - you should really try them & SOON!
48.  spending a day at home with Brayden & never getting out of my pajamas
49.  Naked Baby Skin
50.  Sophie; I swear he is going to have a mouth full of teeth in a week or less!!

What are you thankful for??
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