Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My 90 Day Budget Boot Camp Goals!!

I’m Budget Boot Camp Challenger!

Over the next 12 weeks (I will have a different challenge each week) while doing this boot camp my goals are as follows:

1.   Spend no more than $80 at the grocery store when I go on Saturdays & NOT go for anything during the week.  That is total spending for Lance, myself, B & the pups.

2.   Stop giving into my impulse buying tendencies; especially things that I always pick up for Brayden that he doesn't even need or will never wear :( 
I am not making any promises about his birthday though; I have been planning that for months now & think that I have done a pretty good job so far on not going crazy expense wise.

3.   Make, take & eat the lunches & dinners that I plan out for our family!  This means no eating out; except for Sundays with Lance's mom & dad but they always pay so that really doesn't effect our budget....right?

4.   Cut back on all of our current household bills wherever we can.

5.   Clip & learn how to best use coupons like a mad woman; I know that people save a ton of money doing this but I just having figured out quite how they are doing it.

6.  Lastly I want to really work on growing our savings account!!

If you are interested you can follow our progress on facebook , visit Mummy Deals & IN Good Cents or you could even join in the fun & challenge yourself!!