Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Review, Stairs, & Tubs

See this adorable little boy; he went from just playing on the bottom step ..............
to actually climbing to the top of them over the weekend!!!
Over the weekend we also said goodbye to the duck tub & hello to the big tub!  He loves being in the tub & I think he would really play in it for hours if I let him.  B still has a duck friend to play with I think likes him more than he like the old duck tub all together; he loves to pull himself up & raising the ducks hat & then sits back down & when I shut it he looks at me squeals & then stands back up to raise it again.  It is a fun game to play......until he gets mad at momma & splashes until I fix it.

I know I have said this before & I am sure that I will continue to say it BUT what has happened to my little baby boy??  As the days pass & his 1 year birthday approaches he becomes such an independent little pre-toddler that is trying to do everything including walk all by himself. I hate that he has taken so many tumbles trying to achieve his goal of walking but he takes them all in stride & hasn't given up on it yet!!! 

We also finally decided on his next car seat & Lance will be putting it in my car tonight.  There were so many to chose from & after reading review, after review, after review we settled on the Evenflo Symphony.  Which car seat did you choose?