Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Review.......

OK so let me start by saying I REGRET saying that Brayden is sleeping through the night because of course he didn't last night.........I am not sure what was going on but he was up a AWAKE at 1:30am.  He finally went back to sleep after crying & playing in his crib but it was a long few hours for Lance & I!!

We had a wonderful weekend & really didn't do much of anything at all which was nice!  Friday night Lance & I just relaxed at home after B was down for the night.  Before B went down I did manage to get his new bedding on & am now on the search for matching curtain panels!!  I wasn't feeling up to much else though since I felt a cold coming on.  This is the set we picked out for our little boy!!
Saturday I was supposed to help my girlfriend with her wedding invites but didn't want her to catch whatever it is I have going on so we rescheduled & I just spent the day with B, his JuJu & PaPa & then later that night when Lance got home with Taco Bell (always makes me feel better when I am sick) & I was asleep not to long after I ate.

Then I woke up on Sunday with no voice & really don't know what happened; I have no fever & really don't feel too bad but I sound horrible.  I was walking around singing "Smelly Cat" in my head all day because I felt like I sounded like Phoebe did when she got sick on Friend's!!  We had family photos with Lance's Dad's side of the family & here are a few.........
All the grand kids
All the men in the family
The Goodson's
The Goodson's w/Brayden paying attention
Brayden Lance Goodson
Our Family

I guess the photos turned out alright; I love the ones of Brayden but I am just not liking the ones with me in them at usual!  After pictures we all went to dinner & Brayden actually at a kids spaghetti from the restaurant.  I didn't bring dinner for him because it wasn't going to be time for him to eat but he was HUNGRY & he had eaten pasta that we had made at home so we tried it there & he LOVED it!!  It is nice to know that he can eat something off a menu when we are out & about now.

I am tired today after B not sleeping & still have my raspy voice & throat thingy going on & would love to go home but can't so I am praying this day flies by & I am heading to pick up B in no time at all!!