Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Review & Lance's 1st Father's Day

We had such a great weekend & Father's Day yesterday!!  

Friday night was an early to bed night for me; for some reason I was exhausted! 

Saturday Brayden & I spend the whole day together (just he & I) & it was perfect.  We ran errands Saturday morning to get ready for our dinner guests that night as well as getting the last few odds & ends that we needed for Lance's 1st Father's Day plus I was trying to keep Brayden up & active so I can see how he does with only 1 long afternoon nap instead of a small morning & then a kind of long afternoon.  I think he did really well & am going to have to talk with his school about trying to slowly get rid of his AM nap all together.  While he napped I managed to get some stuff done around the house, bake a lasagna for a guy a work & prep the chicken for dinner that night; I made Chicken Kiev & I will have to admit it was pretty GREAT!!
Then came Sunday; Lance's 1st Father's Day with B..........the day was wonderful!!  Brayden sat in his highchair & played perfectly helped while I made Lance's favorite breakfast for him; scrambled eggs with cheese, biscuits, sausage gravy, & bacon; we don't have it that often since we are both trying to watch what we eat!  Lance really loved his breakfast in bed & after breakfast he opened his presents; Brayden made him a Shutterfly photo book (you can go here to check it out) & he also got him the "reasons I love dad stones". Lance loved both gifts but I think his favorite gift might have been this.........
They made it at school & not only is it the sweetest thing ever.......we were both in shock that they got such great foot prints since he curls his toes ALL THE TIME; anyway & the morning was perfect & I couldn't have ever asked for a better father for our son!!  After all the excitement Brayden wen down for a power nap & Lance I got ready since his parents were coming over to visit.  Brayden's JuJu & PaPa came over about 10 & we got to hang out & B got to show them how he likes to walk..............that's right, he is walking!!  He looks like a drunk sailor but he is getting better & better each day HOWEVER it is a very hard thing to catch with the camera & I haven't had time to download off of the camcorder yet!!  I have said it before & will say it yet again; he is changing & growing so fast & it is making his momma happy but sad too.

We just hung out for a while & then after B had lunch & went down for his afternoon nap Lance, his mom & I ran out for a few things while PaPa watched the monitor.  Later in the afternoon Lance's brother & his 2 kids come over so we could all head out to dinner.  Have you ever looked around after making a big deal out of something you child has done & everyone is staring??  That happened at the restaurant (Shogun)& honestly I couldn't have cared less; we were all clapping & cheer with Brayden through out the whole meal! 
Before we left the house we noticed Brayden really had a thing for his cousin Morgan & was pulling at his shirt to take it off & when we took it off he would grunt & tense his was almost like he was flexing & it was too cute!!

We had such a good day with family I just wish I could have had my dad & family with us here with us too!!