Wednesday, September 15, 2010

90 Day Boot Camp - Challenge #11 Update

Challenge #11
Start a rewards program this week, make one purchase, and roll your rewards. Was it hard to figure out what to buy initially? What about what to purchase to roll your rewards? Do you think there is a benefit to taking part in a rewards program? Would it benefit you? Do you think the time investment is worth it the savings?
I have been using reward programs for a while now & it all started when I was pregnant with Brayden & we registered at Babies R Us they were telling me about their rewards program so we signed up but I really thought that nothing would really come in the mail because nothing ever had in the past with all the little "thingys" I used on my key chain.  Well, I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised when I received the mail one day because when I opened the envelope that said Babies R Us Rewards I found that they had sent $50worth of FREE money that I could use at their store as well as pages of coupons.

I was hooked from then on out & made sure that for every "thingy" I had on my key chain that I used they had my correct address & information & I love to open the mail & find free money & coupons for things that I use all day everyday.  It was time consuming to go back & update the information but it has been so worth it in the long run. 

The next challenge is our final challenge & I can't believe that this adventure with the other ladies will be done; thankfully the things that I have learned with continue to help our overall budget!!

Challenge #12
Now that you've saved money, give something away.  Make a donation from your "stash".  Now that you are saving money, was it easier to give?  Did you have more to give?  What did you give and where did you donate it?  Was it worth it?  Also discuss the overall challenge - your ups and downs, struggles, if it's helped your budget, what helped most, what you will or will not continue, and if the benefits are worth it.