Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NFL Football Season Has Arrived!!

I am playing catch up so please bear with me; our computer was acting up so we had to take it in to get looked at so I am WAY behind on posts.

The NFL football season started 2 Sundays ago & the Goodson household was ready for sure!!  I mean what can be better than a Sunday full of warm dips, homemade Chili (when it gets colder), snack food & a bunch of grown men chasing & pig skin covered ball??  NOTHING I TELL YOU!!

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I am a NY Giants Fan & Lance is a Indianapolis Colts fan & that makes football season interesting in our household.  Both of our teams have Manning's as their quarterbacks so we fight constantly over which Manning is better; Peyton has been playing longer so he has more experience but Eli went & won a Superbowl Championship at a younger age than Peyton so I think that means Eli is better so that means the Giants are better but please don't judge us by the game last night against the Colts.............we looked awful!!!

Brayden has chosen the correct team to root for & wore his Giants Jersey proudly on September 12th; I think we all enjoyed the day tremendously.............well I did the Giants WON & the Colts LOST!!
We had friends over to watch the game; they are Cowboy fans but we love them anyway & plus they are expecting their 1st little guy soon!