Wednesday, September 8, 2010

90 Day Budget Boot Camp - Challenge #10 Update

Challenge #10
Think about one thing your family purchases that you could do without to save money - paper towels? Disposable diapers? Now, go without it for the week. How did it effect your life? How would it effect your budget if you no longer purchased it? What other items could you family do without? Plus your experience and if you were successful or not.

This week we went without any snacks in the house; I know that this might not seem like something hard to give up but it was for us.  We like to munch on popcorn while watching TV at night & we really enjoy chips & salsa on almost a daily basis & not to mention the sweets.  I didn't buy anything like that this week & although it sucked when we wanted something it really wasn't that bad & we are probably better off from a health stand point as well.

Overall I would love to continue to do this, maybe not to the extreme of having NO snack foods but cutting back tremendously would be great for our budget & waistlines.  It is amazing to me how much that type of food cost & most of the time we think nothing of it because we "want" it.  Without purchasing any snack type foods & really only buying things that were on sale or that I had a coupon for I saved a ton this week & it really was a great feeling & I think the most that I have saved during a single shopping trip.........that was the best feeling!!

I can't believe that the challenge is almost over with; I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of it & so is my wallet!!

Next Challenge #11
Start a pharmacy program this week, make one purchase, and roll your rewards. Was it hard to figure out what to buy initially? What about what to purchase to roll your rewards? Do you think there is a benefit to taking part in a pharmacy program? Would it benefit you? Do you think the time investment is worth it the savings?