Monday, September 27, 2010

A Bit Slide Obsessed!!

At the suggestion of some of my readers on different things to do with Brayden through out the days I started taking him to the mall for walking, window shopping & playing!!  I don't know why I totally forgot that the Mall of GA had a play area for kids but I did; I think it is because I hardly ever need to go to that side of the mall...........not a big Nordstrom shopper (wish I was but I'm not).

The 1st time I took him he was a bit uneasy about the whole thing but warmed up after about ummmmm 5 seconds & then he was running around with the other kids acting like he owned the place; I of course forgot my camera that day & have only remembered it one time actually!  The time I did remember it it was a very sunny day & the sun was shining right on the indoor play area so these photos kind of suck but I think that you can still see the utter JOY on his face as he plays!!  He is slide obsessed & didn't have much patience for the little girl that just wanted to sit there; we are going to have to work on his manners & patience ALOT as he ages I think.