Thursday, September 2, 2010

Being A SAHM Mom ROCKS!!!

Last Thursday was my last day of work & I am officially a SAHM now & LOVE it; thank you to my wonderful husband for making all of my dreams come true!!  I love spending my days with Brayden & watching him grow, play, talk up a storm & even nap.  Yes this week I have caught myself watching him when he is napping; he is so peaceful & adorable when he is sleeping & I can't help but stare at him!  I mean look at him..........isn't he so cute curled up with his favorite cow???
I have to admit that I need to find more activities for us to do during the day though; I feel like he gets bored with the same ol' toys & doing the same ol' routine too so if anyone has any suggestions of fun things for Brayden & I to do we would love to hear them!!

We play outside as much as we can in the mornings before it gets too hot & I can't wait for early fall to arrive so we can play outside in the afternoons as well.  I think that he would run around in the back yard with the dogs all day everyday & NEVER get bored with it.  He loves to play on his slide that his Grams & Puddy got him for his birthday
& also loves to go to the little neighborhood park we have but it is still so hot in the afternoons after his nap & we have absolutely no shade at all in our backyard so I can't let him go out there for more that 5-10 minutes before he is hot, sweaty & the other day even got a heat rash.
We have also been going to the pool some afternoons & he loves that too but I need more ideas & things for us too do.................

Just a little FYI too.........Brayden is going to be 13 months old tomorrow & I feel like we just had his 1st Birthday last week!!!