Wednesday, September 1, 2010

90 Day Budget Boot Camp - Challenge #9 Update

Challenge #9
Make something from scratch - bread, pita pockets, hot pockets? Laundry detergent? Cleaning products? Anything you often purchase. In the end, how much did the homemade version cost versus the price you typically pay? Was it worth it? Did it save you money? Where did you struggle with this challenge? What things do you think your family could make at home to save you money?

This wasn't a hard challenge for me since I like to make things from scratch; this week I attempted biscuits though!!  They turned out alright I guess but not great really; I think that there is an art to making really wonderful "southern" style biscuits & I am now determined to make them perfect in look & taste!!  Baking from scratch is always going to be a little time consuming but I find it very relaxing.........just like laundry is too me!  I am going to attempt to make bread for the week next week so wish me luck :)
I didn't get around to any other DIY projects; however I was reading one of the other 90 Day Budget Boot Campers updates yesterday & WILL be making a daily shower spray that she uses ASAP!!  It sound pretty easy & I hope that it works well too.
Daily Shower Spray
3 cups rubbing alcohol
1 tablespoon dish soap
4 tablespoons rinse detergent
3 quarts water
scented oil {your favorite scent, as much as is needed}
1/2 cup – 2/3 cup peroxide {depending on bottle size}

Mix all ingredients except peroxide in a large container, with a lid.
This makes a lot, and be saved for future use.
For a 24 oz bottle, add 1/2 cup peroxide. Fill the rest of the bottle with the pre-mixed solution.
For a 32 oz bottle, add 2/3 cup peroxide. Fill the rest of the bottle with the pre-mixed solution.

Up Next: Challenge #10
Think about one thing your family purchases that you could do without to save money - paper towels? Disposable diapers? Now, go without it for the week. How did it effect your life? How would it effect your budget if you no longer purchased it? What other items could you family do without? Plus your experience and if you were successful or not.